Who is Khryztof?


Khryztof (born 1980) is a San Diego based artist, who was born in Elyria, Ohio. He began making art at a very young age, working mostly in pencil and pastels. While in high school, he participated in Scholastic Art shows at Lorain County Community College. During this time, he gained a huge interested in acrylic painting and silk screen print. After some consideration, Khryztof decided to attend Bowling Green State University for Computer Animation. While at Bowling Green, he was able to explore various mediums to express himself and paint a picture of the world he saw around him.

After college, Khryztof moved to San Diego, where he was able to get away from the conservative, working class, influences that his early work combated against. While continuing to value a hard days work and appreciate fine craftsman ship, Khryztof explored other ways of making art, such as music, graphic design, and caricatures. Since moving to San Diego, Khryztof has exhibited his work at venues through out San Diego, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas, and has sold hundreds of pieces worldwide.

Artist Statement

Art has always been an important part of my life. I started drawing and tracing at a really young age and was always encouraged to keep drawing. I’ve always gotten bored really easy and pulling out paper and some markers or pencils, helps to pass the time. When there is a lot of stressful things happening in my life, I can always pull out a small canvas and some acrylics and be able to pull myself into a different world.

I like for my art to be about many different things and never want to feel like I am locked into any sort of style or way of working. Some people know that they want to make oil paintings of wine glasses and flowers for the rest of their lives, but I don’t think that’s me. I have a different idea every minute and things that I believed in 10 years ago, have evolved and transformed into new and amazing concepts that can’t be limited by a certain technique that I happened upon in the past.

“Sometimes I make work that is just random and fun, but I like for my pieces to have a story. I think that narratives make pieces more interesting and powerful. I would love for my work to inspire people to make work of their own and see the importance of beautiful things in their life.”